Our Values

Our commitment
is always to you.

At North West Wealth Management, we operate with integrity and a commitment to provide you with personalised and confidential advice and services. We are a loyal partner who values long-term trusted relationships with our clients. Our reliable, responsive and motivated team is focused on getting you the best results, and our work is underpinned by our core values, making North West Wealth Management your partner for the long term.

Service Commitment

As part of our service commitment to you we promise to;

  • Provide regular contact and accessibility.
  • Provide you with up-to-date knowledge through our continued learnings and strategies.
  • Perform detailed investigation to thoroughly understand your situation and future goals.
  • Be available to review your portfolio and evolve with changing circumstances.
  • Provide information to you in plain english, without the jargon.
  • Provide a proactive approach to pivot as personal and market factors change.
  • Be honest and provide our services with the utmost integrity.

Professional Role

Our advice will always be provided with expert knowledge;

  • Be a facilitator and educator of investment strategies and advice.
  • Provide professional advice personalised to your unique needs.
  • Keep you on track with your specific goals and objectives.
  • Monitor both market and personal changes relevent to your needs.
  • Provide coaching to help improve your financial behaviours.
  • Provide professional wealth creation strategies to improve and protect your financial situation.
  • Provide our services with the highest level of knowledge and competence.


Our philosophy to investment planning.

We implement our planning for life investment philosophy through a series of centrally researched and maintained portfolios. Each has a strategic asset allocation designed to give access to a diversified investment solution with good risk control and a balanced mix of assets, managers, and securities.
Our internal Investment Committee creates and reviews all portfolios to ensure that we leverage the broad experience and knowledge across the company. Performance is monitored regularly with other investment opportunities considered relevant to each client, making North West Wealth Management the ideal investment partner.


Simple 6 step process

Our six step approach is a simple formula that works. It helps us get to know you, and work out what is right for you and your circumstance.


  1. Get to know you and your needs
  2. Explore your current financial position
  3. Prepare a personalised financial plan
  4. Recommendations for future success
  5. Implement your financial strategy
  6. Regular reviews and refinement of your financial position


Our wealth management services.

Our approach to wealth management is a holistic one. Our specialist advisors will discuss and identify your goals and objectives, both now and into the future. We then formulate strategies that will ensure your goals and objectives are clarified and achieved via a consistent and measured approach.

Personal Insurance
Aged Care
Retirement Planning


Customer Testimonial

James is highly professional, trustworthy, diligent and caring. He has proven he is able to communicate and work with the often complex, multi-generational family farm structure. We have no hesitation and are in fact proud to recommend James and his team at North West Wealth Management to any of our piers in agricultural business.

John & Martine Trail “Wattle Creek”

Customer Testimonial

We appointed Lee-Anne as our Financial Adviser in 2012 and she proceeded to set out a retirement strategy for us. As time progressed we developed a good business relationship as Lee-Anne had a good understanding of our retirement needs and we had faith in her advice and knowledge. We have regular discussions throughout the year and receive a phone call just to see how we are travelling.

Ten years have passed and we are very pleased with our decision in appointing Lee-Anne as our Financial Adviser. Her skills and knowledge have given us a happy retirement life and we recommend her to anyone who is in the same lifestyle position as us.

Laurie and Gwen Hoad.

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